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Providing Individualized Mathematics Instruction for High School, Home School, College Students, and Adult Learners in the North Metro Atlanta area.


Teaching Methods

I offer a variety of teaching methods that include in-person or online tutoring.  I determine the depth of the student's understanding and work with them to master their math courses.

High School

I offer customized tutoring for all High School Math subjects, including Accelerated and Honors Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Decision Making, and Statistics.

College Students & Adult Learners

I work together with the student to develop the kind of instruction that will facilitate their success in their specific course curriculum. Subjects include College Algebra, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Quantitative Analysis, and Math Modeling

Standardized Test Prep

I provide valuable strategies and test-taking techniques for mastering the math portions of these formalized tests, working to improve the student's confidence and score.

Home Schoolers

I develop the curriculum or support existing courses for Homeschool students with graduation and college entrance requirements in mind.


I absolutely love hearing from satisfied students that achieved their goals!

Tremendous Asset

"I received my scores from the math test yesterday and am pleased to report that I passed! You were a tremendous asset and I wouldn't have stood a chance without your knowledge and patience."

Parker Hodges, Adult Student

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